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Linear systems from igus as space-saving solution in award-winning furniture design
  • 2023-02-03

drylin linear guides ensure a clean pull-out in the multifunctional cube SQR        Living, working and cooking in confined spaces is currently part of everyday life for many people worldwide. This is why more and more practical furniture such as the multifunctional cube SQR is in demand. A square solution that combines kitchen, workplace and dining table. To create plenty of storage space, the inventor relied on the lubrication-free and long-lasting drylin linear guides from igus.        At the end of 2016, Daniel Pracht lived in a small flat with no kitchen. The then budding master carpenter developed a practical quadratic solution: the SQR. A multifunctional cube with an extendable induction area, with which one or more persons can not only cook, but also stay, work and live in a compact space. Perfectly suited, especially at times when a home office is more than ever, the order of the day. To create a lot of storage space, the inventor was looking for a pull-out solution. Normal roller guides took up too much installation space and did not meet the requirements for a simple and elegant design. Daniel Pracht found what he was looking for in the drylin linear systems from igus: "The guides convinced me right from the start, both in terms of design and smooth operation."   Industry and furniture technology = functionality and design        When choosing the drylin WSQ linear system, one decisive criterion was not only the functionality - the wear-resistant and long-lasting opening and closing of the drawers - but also the processing of the rails. "The combination of the aluminium of the rail and the oak of the cube complements one another, which was very important to me. Just like the square shape of the guide", explains Pracht. Each of the five drawers contains two guides. Liners made of the high-performance iglidur J200 polymer ensure smooth operation. It is lubrication-free and maintenance-free, thanks to the use of solid lubricants. A great advantage in potential contact with food. Furthermore, dirt and dust cannot adhere to the bearings. The guides and bearings are easy to clean with household chemicals. An all-round hygienic solution.   Quadratic and compact design convinces professional juries        The concept convinced not only the inventor himself, but also a wide audience. Daniel Pracht won the Design Prize at the exhibition of masterpieces at his school. After that everything went very fast. Due to the increasing attention of his furniture, he registered a utility model protection, secured the brand name "SQR" and founded BODI e.K. as the registered merchant of a new distribution channel for his special piece of furniture. Pracht took part in the Red Dot Design Award in 2018 and won the award. In 2019 he was nominated for the German Design Award.   Source:igus Taiwan

Häfele Taiwan celebrate 20 years anniversary and have a product launch on Nov 20,2020
  • 2020-11-21

       Häfele Taiwan is a company with a global presence, focused on local results. serve the Taiwan furniture and architectural hardware market and maintain our corporate office, primary distribution center and a state-of-the-art showroom in New Taipei City.       The people inHäfele Taiwan and business are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit allowing  Häfele to operate closely with  customers and to know what they need, to understand their requirements, and to quickly identify opportunities for improvement. Häfele is a company who believes in always looking ahead and in sharing our dynamism, creativity and long-term vision with our customers in order to assure our mutual success. Product Launch         On Friday, the 20thof November 2020,  Häfele Taiwan celebrate 20 year anniversary and have a product launch and have an Oktoberfest, a Bavarian tradition. The new Häfele Neo Hinge, alongside with the new Häfele LOOX LED Lighting System and the new Häfele Sliding Door Selection will be introduced in a celebratory fashion.  Häfele Neo Hinge        Made in Europe under the highest quality standards with many innovative features, the Häfele Neo Hinge meets the need for a durable and smoothly operating wooden cabinet hinge among professionals and users alike. Häfele LOOX LED Lighting System        Think about the normal places where light shines in your home. Kitchen and bath fixtures. Recessed can lights. Ceiling fans. And now think of everywhere else in your home which could benefit from the addition of light. Those are the places where Häfele’s Loox LED Lighting System shines. Häfele Taiwan will be presenting the new improved and innovative Häfele LOOX LED Lighting System.  Häfele Sliding Door Selection       Häfele Taiwan, are obsessed with the little things that clients will see and feel every day. In sliding door hardware, Häfele Taiwan is zealously focused on how smooth is the glide, how soft is the soft close and how seamless is the fit. From the strike to the lock we fixate on quality, material, function and design.