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  • 2022-06-01

       The first quarter 2022, despite significant differences from the previous one, reaffirmed the good health conditions of the wood and furniture technology industry. This is the evidence of the quarterly survey made by the Studies office of Acimall - the Confindustria member association that gathers the Italian manufacturers of machines, tools and equipment - on a significant sample for the domestic production.        After closing 2021 with really extraordinary production figures (up by 36.9 percent compared to 2020 and 11.6 percent over 2019), the year that has just started seems well on the way to keep a positive trend.        In the January-March 2022 period, orders increased by 21.7 percent over the same quarter of 2021, as a result of 35.1 percent expansion on the domestic market – still showing high propensity to invest – and a moderate 3.3 percent growth recorded by export.        The orders book is stable at six months of secured production (6.1 months in the October-December 2021 period). Unfortunately, we are seeing a strong rally of prices, up by 5.3 percent in the first quarter 2022, continuing the trend recorded throughout last year.        “We are paying a high fee for the difficult situation of purchasing and supply chains”, said Luigi De Vito, president of Acimall. “The global economic and production system is facing a situation that has been worsened by the war in Eastern Europe, as well as the enduring uncertainty about possible pandemic developments in the second half of the year”. “Right now, it is still hard to say when we will go back to normal – De Vito concluded – and once again, our entrepreneurs will have to hold the rudder firmly, trying to navigate their companies in a situation where any prediction and decision appears to be difficult”.        The opinions collected by the quality survey are basically stable. 48 percent of the sample expects the positive trend of production to continue (versus 57 percent in the previous quarter); 52 percent expect substantial stability (43 percent in October-December 2021). Employment is on the rise according to 38 percent of the sample (versus 57 percent in the previous quarter), stable according to 62 percent (43 percent in October-December 2021). Stocks are stable according to 33 percent of the interviewees, increasing for 48 percent, decreasing for 19 percent.        Compared to the past, less optimism is emerging from the forecast survey: on foreign markets, 48 percent of the sample expects a period of stability (versus 76 percent in the previous quarter), 33 percent see further expansion (versus 24 percent), while 19 percent fear shrinkage. The domestic market will remain at the current level according to 43 percent of the interviewees (versus 66 percent in the previous survey), it will keep growing according to 33 percent (29 percent in the final quarter 2021), and it will decrease according to 24 percent (5 percent in October-December 2021). Source: ACIMALL

  • 2022-05-19

       The year 2021 was really positive. This trend was reaffirmed by the Studies Office of Acimall, the association of Italian manufacturers of wood and furniture technology: production amounted to 2,530 million euro, up by 36.9 percent compared to 2020, a year we would like to forget for many reasons, not only economic, and by 11.6 percent versus 2019.        Excellent results also for export, reaching 1,740 million euro (plus 30.8 percent over 2020; plus 10.1 percent over 2019), with a domestic market showing signs of liveliness (790 million euro, up by 52.5 percent over 2020 and 15.1 percent over 2019). Import also increased, reaching 244 million euro, 59.4 percent more than 2020 and 21.4 percent more than 2019.        According to tradition, driven by the strong propensity to export of Italian companies, the trade balance was also positive, with a value of 1,496 million euro (plus 27.1 percent over 2020, plus 8.5 percent over 2019). Apparent consumption also increased: 1,034 million euro, up by 54.1 percent over 2020 and 16.5 percent over 2019.        “The 2021 figures speak for themselves, showing that the technology industry has emerged from two difficult years, going back to pre-Covid levels”, said Dario Corbetta, Acimall director. “State incentives have certainly played a key role, but they have not "altered" the market trend: the growth we are seeing now is not only driven by incentives (which have basically caused a concentration of investment decisions in a narrow timeframe), but also by a significant market rally that has brought business back to its normal development patterns”.        “So, we want to reassure those who fear that the current trend is "doped" by the incentives, and once this window of opportunity has closed, we will have to face a period of stagnating demand”, Corbetta continued. “Such belief is supported by the economic figures of the early months of 2022, which clearly indicate a structural expansion of our industry, which is going to last”. ITALIAN EXPORT        The consolidated figures of 2021 allow to draw more conclusions on Italian export, which increased compared to 2020 and 2019. Looking at the present situation, we can state that the Russia-Ukraine crisis has only caused a limited reduction of Italian export so far. Russia, Ukraine and Belarus together represent a small share of Italian export, approximately 5 percent, and the export flows to those countries seem to continue, though with a significant reduction.        Many woodworking machines are not listed in the "Dual Use" category of equipment that can be used to produce warfare materials, so they are not subject to the current embargo, while all spare parts are subject to constraints. At present, banking operations, despite some difficulties, have not been interrupted, with a few Russian institutes still working.        Looking at 2021 figures, we can draw a ranking of countries based on their interest in made-in-Italy wood and furniture technology. The list is not surprising, reaffirming the stability of the regions where Italian production is mostly appreciated.        The top position is taken by the United States (164.2 million euro, plus 13.9 percent over 2020), followed by France (118.2 million, plus 10.3 percent) and Poland (110.6 million euro, plus 34 percent). Germany is at number four in the list of “customer countries”, with an expenditure of 106.3 million euro on Italian machinery, up by 11 percent compared to 2020. Then come the United Kingdom (81.3 million, plus 56 percent), Spain (76.2 million, plus 62.3 percent), Russia (67.3 million, plus 102.4 percent) and China, placing orders in Italy for 60.1 million euro, the only country in the top-ten list with a negative trend by 19 percent.        The list is closed by Belgium (at number nine with 56.6 million euro, plus 18.4 percent) and Austria (54.5 million, plus 36.6 percent).In conclusion, we can say that all figures suggest that the positive trend is going to endure throughout this year, although supply chain disruptions and unpredictable events related to the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the development of the global Covid-19 pandemic might shuffle the cards once again.          “We are now looking forward to Xylexpo next October – Dario Corbetta concluded – which will be a great opportunity to check the health of our industry and the trend of international trade flows”.   WOODWORKING AND FURNITURE MACHINERY: 2021 FINAL BALANCE                                                Value                % Variation           % Variation                                         (million euro)          2021/2020            2021/2019   Production                            2,530                    +36.9                   +11.6 Export                                   1,740                    +30.8                   +10.1 Domestic market                      790                    +52.5                   +15.1 Import                                      244                    +59.4                   +21.4 Trade balance                        1,496                    +27.1                     +8.5 Apparent consumption          1,034                    +54,1                   +16.5         ITALIAN EXPORT OF WOODWORKING AND FURNITURE MACHINERY Top-ten destination countries                                       Value                  % Variation                  % Variation                                     (million euro)            2021/2020                   2021/2019        United States               164.2                      +13.9                           -17.1  France                          118.2                      +10.3                            +4.4 Poland                          110.6                      +34.0                          +27.1 Germany                      106.3                      +11.2                            +3.9 United Kingdom             81.3                      +56.0                          +37.3 Spain                              76.2                      +62.3                            +2.0 Russia                            67.3                    +102.4                          +78.0 China                             60.1                       -19.0                             -3.9 Belgium                          56.5                      +18.4                            +0.3 Austria                           54.5                      +36.6                          +30.0 Source: ACIMALL

Michael Chang lays a transition opportunity for Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry
  • 2022-05-17

       On April 29, 2022, at the handover ceremony of the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Industry Association (TWMA), Michael Chang shared with member manufacturers the last six years as the chairman of the board:        Michael Chang said that when he was elected as the fifth chairman of TWMA in 2016, there was a boom in smart manufacturing and industry 4.0 all over the world. Everyone was exploring, but it also provided a new opportunity for Taiwan woodworking machinery to transform. At the helm, Chang went all out without hesitation. Through industry-government-university-research exchange activities, conference affairs reform, improvement of members' well-being, and the relocation of the new clubhouse, all of them have fulfilled their original promises and handed over beautiful transcripts. The six-year term will bring Taiwan's woodworking machinery to a historic peak.        In terms of international industrial exchanges, through exhibitions and arranging visits from various countries, including VDMA(Germany), ACHIMALL(Italy), JWMA(Japan). China Lunjiao Woodworking Machinery Association, China Qingdao Woodworking Machinery Association, China Nankang Furniture Association, Vietnam HAWA and BIFA Furniture Association, etc., as well as the establishment of a woodworking machinery technology center in Ho Chi Minh, have greatly increased the international exchange and visibility of Taiwan's woodworking machinery.        During his tenure, William Lai , Vice President of Taiwan , he visited his company Leadermac , which also increased the visibility of the Woodworking Machinery Association in Taiwan and made the government pay more attention to the woodworking machinery industry. Furthermore, the active exchanges with domestic industries such as machine tools and furniture associations have also expanded the opportunities for mutual friendship and cooperation between industries.        In terms of academic cooperation, in order to solve the problem of talent shortage, the Association has actively established links with National Chin-Yi University of Technology (NCUT), Hsiuping University of Science and Technology., National Dajia Industrial High School. Taichung Municipal Shalu Industrial High School , National Dongshih Industrial High School, Taichung Municipal Shengang industrial High School  and other schools in the past six years. Local students hope that through the integration of industry and academia, enterprises can recruit outstanding local talents. Chang also graduated from NCUT and got master's degree, and is currently studying for a doctoral program at NCUE .        In addition, Chang also provided member manufacturers to visit LEADERMACh,his Company's presentations on lean management and ISO, and led member manufacturers to make progress together as a leader.        Furthermore, during Michael Chang's tenure, he moved TWMA Fengyuan's office to the city center of Taichung,, which is beneficial for the association to cooperate with relevant government exchange activities and enhance its external image, which is also a manifestation of the association's economic strength.        Finally, Michael did not forget to thank his teammates who have worked hard with him in the past six years. Because of the collective thinking of the directors and supervisors, the implementation of the secretariat, and the cooperation of all members, and delivered a beautiful result. one. By NewsWin

Joe Chang proposes strategies to meet challenges
  • 2022-04-23

       Although the epidemic situation has increased, the operation of the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Industry Association(TWMA) is still actively carried out, but in order to cooperate with epidemic prevention, the second board of directors and supervisors adopted an online meeting. During the meeting, the new chairman Joe Chang pointed out the challenges that Taiwan woodworking machinery will face in the future, and proposed For future countermeasures, he emphasized Taiwan's competitive advantages. He also thanked the new team for their collective efforts to accomplish the mission of the WOOD TAIWAN Digital Go, digital marketing, handover ceremony and other conference affairs currently being implemented.
       Chairman Chang said that in 2020 and 2021, COVID-19 will disrupt the normal activities of the world. Coupled with the Sino-US trade war, the United States began to impose a 25% tariff in 2018. Taiwan's woodworking machine industry has benefited from the "home economy" phenomenon. In 2020, the export has grown by 21.49% compared with 2019, and by 26.8% in 2021. The export value has reached 903 million US dollars, or about NT$25 billion, which has made the new record. But in the future, Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry still faces many challenges: 1. Woodworking machinery in mainland China continues to strengthen and expand its equipment and market optimization. In addition, several large companies in China are moving towards group management, and the global layout is getting stronger and stronger, which compresses the living space of woodworking machinery in Taiwan. In 2008, exports surpassed Taiwan and rose to the third place. In 2020, it will surpass Germany to become the world's number one. 2. The export market ratio is too dependent on the United States: the proportion is 40% in 2015, and it will increase to 63% in 2021, and DIY is estimated to account for about two-thirds, this is also something to worry about. 3. The third generation succession problem: Most of Taiwan's woodworking machinery manufacturers are small family-owned enterprises, and most of the second generation belong to the X generation (1964~1980). For the Y generation (1980~1990) or the Z generation (1990~2010), there is a lack of interest in manufacturing. In 2006, there were still 282 member manufacturers of the guild, and by 2022, it will be reduced to 239. 4. The production equipment is still dominated by stand-alone machines, and most of the machines still lack smart machinery elements: with future trends, there will be smart machines, smart whole lines, and smart factories. If manufacturers do not invest in the layout and participate in it, they will be limited by the market sooner or later, or even eliminated.        Joe quoted the famous saying in Jurassic Park, "Life will find its own way." Most Taiwan woodworking machinery manufacturers still have the gene of "tenacity and fearlessness" in their blood, and they are willing to help each other and share experience. This is hard to see in other association.     In the future, Joe and TWMA directors and supervisors will unite and make selfless dedication on the basis of the good foundation established by the predecessors, and come together to tide over the difficulties with the member manufacturers. In the future, TWMA's goals are very clear: "Industry Niche Value-Added Innovation", "Smart Digital Development and Application", "Local Talent Selection and Cultivation", and "Mutual Support of Industry, Government, University, Research and Research" will allow Taiwan woodworking machinery industry to continue to grow globally. The stage shines brightly!

Smart Mechanized Nesting Production Line won the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • 2022-04-18

Industry type:Productivity and energy Product model number:STRATOS PRO FL Anderson Industrial Corp.   About Anderson Industrial Corp. Since 1972, Anderson has taken pride in its speed, service and the outstanding quality of its products.The company offers experience and expertise in the manufacturing of CNC machinery that few other companies can match.
  In the near future, the company will continue to expand its operations to offer fast, efficient sales and service in markets throughout the world. Beyond that, the group is working to develop strategic agreements with key players in the global market. With Anderson core competency in CNC technology, we are able to use our profession to design and develop machines for a wide range applications and industries. Anderson’s commitment to excellence is shown in all of its divisions, each one offering its clients an innovative and high performance solution.
CNC Processing Center/Printed Circuit Boards/Print & Graphic/Key Component/Merchandise   About STRATOS PRO FL STRATOS PRO FL is equipped with 1. Automatic tool length measurement (reduce manual measurement errors, rare in competitors). 2. Tool change function while machining, the machining efficiency is increased by 10% to 20% (not yet competitors have this function). 3. The whole board is suspended and loaded, positioning once, and the feeding speed is twice as fast, without scratching the work piece (the competitor is a drag type, which is low in efficiency and easy to scratch the work piece). 4. The height of the unloading table is automatically adjusted to improve the stability of the automatic unloading. 5. Graphical and intuitive operation interface (AGMVP independently developed by Anderson). Source: Anderson group

Leadermac 4 Side Moulder won the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Award
  • 2022-04-18

Industry type:Productivity and energy Product model number:uPower LEADERMAC MACHINERY CO., LTD.     1. Structure of the jumping spindle: it can cut the complex surface lines, could be furniture component or art accessories. Also this jumping spindle structure whiche control by the computer value(CNC,Computer Numerical Control), this can reduce the processing damage rate and increase working efficiency.
2. The operation interface using the HMI, it is easy to understand and operate through the graphical operate interface. All database including product, cutter tools, grinder data which gather in the HMI. The work product, order numbers, descriptive one by one shows out. Do not need to rely on the engineer memory to operate machinery. It is conveniences, speed, timeliness and variety small amount of rapid production; which may save time to get more order than others.
The above structure and function are closer to the needs of consumers, also increased the 4 side moulder its function; simplify the operation of the 4 side moulder, more in line with humanity needs. http:// Source: Leadermac