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"Smart Manufacturing from Anderson"
  • 2023-01-05

       In recent years, with the process of Industry 4.0 innovation, electrical component suppliers and software system suppliers of various integrated solutions have also followed the development trend. In addition to the covid-19 epidemic storm since 2020, the ever-changing market trends have catalyzed the transformation and upgrading of many industries. Smart manufacturing is one of the most comprehensive topics. How should smart manufacturing be done?        The perspective of Anderson, each industry has its production process and the supply/demand of upstream/downstream ecological chains are different, and it cannot be consistent for all. It is necessary to consider the possibility of phase in and reserve the possibility of future expansion and upgrading.        For the integration of smart manufacturing, the factory obtains the big data of the production process through the sensor on the machinery equipment, and makes a self-judgment with the front-end and back-end information processing software platforms to issue decision-making instructions, and sends them back through the system to processing equipment and automatic execution of programs, etc., the advanced processes and models of this type of function belong to a part of smart manufacturing.        In other words, smart manufacturing is the various links in the production process of "smart machinery" can be integrated with related applications as long as IoT, cloud computing, big data, and AI artificial intelligence, and through network data streams, all devices can communicate with each other. The ultimate goal is to exchange information with each other in real time, and replace the traditional manufacturing process in real-time and quantified transparent management.        In the field of woodworking machinery, it is our direction to support “system furniture manufacturers” to introduce intelligent production. The first stage is to assist the industry to have "machinery and or so equipment to be more intelligence". In addition to the need to add more sensor components to the mechanical equipment itself, it is also necessary to optimize the human-machine interface of the machine operation so that it is not only to operate friendly, but more importantly, it can predict the data obtained from the sensor and temporarily store it locally. Directly compatible with external data processing software platform for real-time information exchange. After the industry possesses the basic elements of intelligent machinery, Anderson further thinks for customers and proposes a variety of automated upgrades before and after manufacturing integration solutions, including automated equipment such as robotic arms or Anderson self-developed crane type pick and place modules, etc., through integration the key to the combination of solutions is to optimize and improve the traditional manufacturing process during the hardware upgrade process, simplify the labor intensive level, and reduce the defect-rate caused by human errors in the original manufacturing process. In addition, through the network and the software data processing platform can also transmit the factory's manufacturing big data to mobile devices in real time, allowing management to grasp the production status more quickly.        In the process of moving towards the goal of evolution and upgrading of smart manufacturing, Anderson keeps improving and continues to look for collaborating manufacturers to jointly create diversified development possibilities in order to meet different customer needs. Therefore, Anderson has developed into not only a manufacturer of mechanical equipment, but also a developer and maintainer of software, and an integrator capable of cross-system integration technology.        Facing all new challenges, Anderson insists on innovation and continuous research and development, and diagnoses the most suitable solution for customers, so as to jointly achieve the vision expected by customers and Anderson.

WEINIG launches largest group-wide invest-ment program in the company’s 117-year his-tory
  • 2022-12-02

   The WEINIG Group announced the launch of a comprehensive, large-scale investment project of more than 120 million euros on June 2, 2022. The Tauberbischofsheim site alone, the headquarters of the company with its 117-year track record of success, accounts for around 70 million euros of the total investment.    The supervisory board of the WEINIG Group has approved a comprehensive, Group-wide investment program that will fundamentally reposition the Group and its headquarters in Tauberbischofsheim. In total, more than 120 million euros will be invested over the next 5 years. For the Voitsberg site in Austria, the production location of the subsidiary HOLZ-HER, 15 million euros have already been approved in advance and will be invested in assembly, production and logistics. The newly adopted program focuses mainly on the solid wood division of the mechanical engineering company.    With 117 years of history at its main site in Tauberbischofsheim, the long-established company has set up a completely new site concept that will sustainably modernize production, significantly optimize delivery capability for customers and improve the working environment for its employees. This will included a new logistics center, a new manufacturing concept and new production facilities, as well as new exhibition and customer training rooms. Around 70 million euros will be invested in the infrastructure of the Tauberbischofsheim site alone.    The supervisory board and the management board emphasized how the upcoming investments will position the company for the future. Dr. Thomas Bach, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of WEINIG AG, pointed out that it is part of the WEINIG DNA to see crises as opportunities, and that not least the Corona pandemic has provided room for conceptual work: “We looked for, identified and seized an opportunity in the crisis. As a result, we can confidently say today: WEINIG is fit for a successful future.”    Chief Executive Officer Gregor Baumbusch explained that the wood processing industry is a growth sector that is getting an additional boost through sustainability and climate protection. The demand for machines and solutions that serve this market is correspondingly high and continues to rise. A further 40 million euros will therefore be invested in expanding the product portfolio. Mr. Baumbusch stated: “Today, we already have the broadest product portfolio of any supplier in the solid wood industry worldwide. Especially in the rapidly growing segment of timber construction, we will be able to offer our customers even better solutions from a single source, namely WEINIG, in the future.” Chief Technology Officer Dr. Georg Hanrath added that the future belongs to the triad of sustainable production, sustainable machines and the sustainable products manufactured on them. WEINIG is doing its part.    Dr. Thomas Bach and Gregor Baumbusch expressed their thanks to the supervisory board and the shareholders, and in particular the works council and the employees of the WEINIG Group. He added that it is up to each and every one of us to ensure long-term economic success. The workforce is fully behind the planned measures and is looking forward to the improvements they will bring. Works council chairman Rainer Haag commented: “It is a joint project. Only if we all work together can we succeed. We have been discussing what that looks like over the past few months. The most important thing is that no jobs are cut. On the contrary, we will grow!”   The machine builders from Tauberbischofsheim are prepared to tackle the future. Source from : WEINIG Group

OAV has won the "Rising Star Award"!
  • 2022-11-28

       On November 16, 2022 (Wednesday), Oav attended the "Rising Star Award" ceremony, and received the award.        The Ministry of Economic Affairs supports Taiwan's Small and Medium Enterprises with actions, in total of 64 outstanding companies won awards, and 16 of them won the Rising Star Award.        The Rising Star Award celebrates local businesses that go above and beyond in their business. High competitiveness, corporate management, and sustainable ESG development are the main criteria.        Research and Development by Made in Taiwan, the enterprises provide customers with high-quality, high value-added products.        OAV specializes in the production of woodworking machinery. Use OAV for brand awareness. Stick to 100% MIT. With a consistent mission to combine service and quality, it has grown from its humble beginnings to provide impeccable woodworking machinery for 120 agents around the world while continuing to provide the best value for their customers.

  • 2022-11-11

About LEADERMAC MACHINERY CO., LTD.        Fifty years ago, Leademac started designing and manufacturing 4-sided moulders. Our commitment was to offer the best possible machines to help customers stay competitive. Through several years of effort, Leadermac has grown steadily to become a world-class 4-sided moulder manufacturer with products sold in over 65 countries worldwide. Over the years, there have been many changes in Leadermac's size, business, and reputation; however, our insistence on providing the best possible machines for our customers has never changed. Looking towards the future, we will strive hard to achieve our strategic target and meet new challenges.   WHOLE LINE SYSTEM FOR WOODWORKING         Four-side Moulder is Leadermac's main product, and the furniture and wood processing industries are its main customers. Most of those industries rely on labor to do wood handling, processing, screening, and other operations. Also, the production data is usually recorded on paper by handwriting.
To solve the above problems, Leadermac can customize the whole line equipment. Provides equipment for feeding, material selection, material receiving, material stacking, and material distribution according to the needs of customers. And integrate them into an automatic production line.        Besides, Leadermac can make the equipment more intelligent, and build its own intelligent system platform called "Dreamset" by using the sensor to capture machine current and capacity data. Also, through the software information integration, the product lines can use modules to reach network digitization, so the industries can increase productivity and efficiency. Source: Leadermac      

Sauberair® launches innovative air purifier disguised as a “work of art”
  • 2022-11-02

We, Sauberair®, have developed the world’s thinnest, most effective, wall-mounted air purifier, which doubles as a painting hanging on the wall.   Sauberair FLAT air purifier looks like a work of art on the wall and saves you space        Measuring an ultra-thin 9 cm, the Sauberair FLAT can remove 99.9% harmful smoke and particles, eliminating a wide range of pollutants with minimum power consumption, the company says. It also boasts an extended filter lifespan compared to conventional purifiers.        It is built-in smart sensors to detect and monitor indoor air quality, PM2.5, PM1, CO2, humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, airflow, and power consumption, while users can check all these data and modify the filtering mode on the app anytime, and from anywhere in the world.        As well as purifying the air, the FLAT-BT model features integrated stereo Bluetooth speakers which have been optimized for maximum sound quality. Users can play music with these built-in stereo speakers or it can serve as a music wake-up alarm.        According to the brand, FLAT is also the world’s first scalable purifier – meaning that two can be connected together and controlled simultaneously. In addition, its appearance can be changed according to customers’ preferences so that it better suits their home’s interior design, Sauberair says. Why buy a FLAT™ air purifier?        World Health Organization data has shown that almost the entire global population (99%) breathe air which exceeds the international organization’s guidelines for pollutants. This is not only happening in low- and middle-income countries, but also in the cities of developed nations. Air pollution is responsible for an estimated 7.4 million deaths every year, Sauber points out. Problems with the air purifiers on the market        The business model of traditional air purifiers is ultimately built around selling filters, not the appliances themselves. Moreover, the filters’ lifespan is usually relatively short with replacement alerts based on the usage time, not the actual filter clogging rate. This is unscientific, the company says. Also, expensive filters dissuade consumers from replacing them when their time is up, which ultimately reduces their overall filtration effectiveness.        With its unique design, FLAT is much more efficient and effective than other models, identifying airflow passing through the filter, and alerting the user to when the filter should be changed, says Sauberair. Highly recommended by professionals        FLAT has obtained invention patents in many countries for its excellent innovation. It also won two important industrial Awards from the Taiwan Ministry of Economy Affairs: 1.  Industrial Development of Bureau (Made in Taiwan Golden Select Award) and 2.  Bureau of Foreign Trade (Taiwan Excellence Award) FLAT was also selected as one of the best air purifiers for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022 by the Taiwanese well-known Air Purifier blogger "Appliance Insight", after he actually tested more than 100 air purifiers.  Sauberair based in Taipei, Taiwan, was established in May 2016 and focuses on producing household and industrial-used air purifiers. For more information, please visit

  • 2022-07-06

Salvamac will be present with substantial new elements at the next edition of Holz-Handwerk, which will be held in Nuremberg from 12 to 15 July: a stand (hall 12.0, stand 410) in which not only Salvamac solutions and products will be exhibited, but the evolution of the network that the Italian-Polish group is defining will also be represented, thus creating - in fact - a real pole of excellence engaged in the processing and transformation of solid wood.   “We have always had the certainty that the future of the woodworking and furniture industry must pass through partnerships and collaborations between aware and structured companies, which have customer satisfaction as an absolute priority”, comments Christian Salvador, together with his partner, Ziemovit Dolkowski of Salvamac Group. “Today, finding new business methods is an imperative that no business can neglect, inventing new solutions and methods that arise from a “quality relationship” between people, from encounters, from comparisons”.   An innovative concept that will be presented in the stand of about 100 square meters that the group will set up in Nuremberg, which - alongside the solutions signed by the three now-consolidated divisions (“Cross-cutting”, “Air & Painting” and “Salvamac Selection”) - will host several companies with which the Italian-Polish reality has for some time been carrying out common projects in terms of advanced handling and automation systems, technologies for energy recovery and drying, heat treatment, and wood vaporization.   THE SALVAMAC PROPOSAL In the spotlight will be the new version of the “SalvaPush 2000” optimizing saw for the world of door and window frames, equipped with devices and aggregates designed for this particular use. Two semi-automatic cross-cutting saws will also demonstrate how the installation of the “Salvastop” electronic positioning device can actually allow the user to have real entry level numerically controlled cutting stations. It should be noted that the “Salvastop” device has also been completely re-designed: the new version makes sharing data with company software and devices or bar code readers extremely simple and effective, as opposed to label printers. Among the novelties is also the “Voyager” dust extraction filter with high capacity filter cartridges , equipped with touch screen control thanks to which it is possible to manage its use with an eye to energy saving.   “We can finally meet again at the fair and we are confident that Holz-Handwerk will allow us to show what our priorities have been in recent years”, adds Ziemovit Dolkowski. “The market has rewarded us even in really complex” years, with a growth of 50%, in both 2020 and 2021, although the situation we all know and the difficulty in finding some components could create some problems towards the end of year. A problem that we have been able to manage thus far thanks to the decision, taken almost two years ago, to triple our stocks, so as to be able to guarantee reasonable delivery times. And we are already thinking about the novelties that we will present at the autumn fairs!"   We look forward to seeing you at Holz-Handwerk, from 12 to 15 July 2022 (hall 12.0, stand 410).       SALVAMAC GROUP IN A FEW WORDS Salvamac was born from over 20 years of experience in the sector gained by its founders, Christian Salvador and Ziemowit Dolkowski, in the world of technologies for solid wood processing. Technical competence, vision and an authentic faith in people’s ability to create - together - better opportunities - these values represent the basis of Salvamac’s mission: to provide the customer with solutions to his/her problems in an integrated way and responding to three keywords: safety, simplicity, solidity. The group’s activities are based in four production units in three countries. In Izmir (Turkey) takes place the construction of metal structures, not only at the service of the group; Poznan (Poland) hosts the activities of the “Cross-cutting” division for the production of the semi-automatic cross-cuting saws and of the “Salvastop” device. There are two units in Italy: in Conegliano (Veneto), where Salvamac optimizing saws are built, while in Avellino (Campania) there is a partnership with a historical reality out of which all the “Air & Painting” solutions are born. Source: SALVAMAC GROUP