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  • 2023-05-13

       The first quarter 2023 confirmed a slowdown of orders for Italian woodworking and furniture technology. The quarterly survey by the Studies Office of Acimall (the association of Italian woodworking technology manufacturers) shows a negative trend for the fourth quarter in a row. This information must be evaluated accurately, especially considering the exceptional growth that characterized the second part of 2020 and the whole year 2021, recording a trend that has been unprecedented in the past decades. The slowdown that started in the second quarter of 2021 can be considered “physiological”, but the negative trend in the January-March 2023 period causes some worries.        In the first quarter of this year, orders recorded a 25.7 percent reduction compared to the same period of the previous year, due to decreasing demand from international markets (down by 20.6 percent) and the significant shrinkage of the domestic market (minus 38.9 percent).        It should also be noticed that the period of comparison, January-March 2022, was still an expansion phase, with significant growth rates in Italy and abroad, supported by public subsidies in many countries that, on one hand, really helped many industries overcome the consequences of the global sanitary emergency, but on the other, altered the normal evolution of the market.        The reduction of orders is reflected onto the months of ensured production, dropping from an average of 6.1 months in October-December 2022 to 5.2 months in January-March 2023.        The inflation trend – which in 2022 was in line with the economy in general – seems to be braking in the first months of 2023: the increase of sales prices for Italian wood and furniture technology was limited to 0.6 percent. Source:ACIMALL        The opinions collected by the quality survey for the quarter under scrutiny reveal that the interviewed companies expect substantial stability of production (71 percent), while 24 percent indicates a growing trend and 5 percent a decrease. Employment is increasing according to 14 percent of the sample, stationary for 81 percent, decreasing for 5 percent. Available stocks are stable for 62 percent of the interviewees, while the remaining 38 percent is equally divided between those who indicate an increase (19 percent) and a reduction (19 percent).        The forecast survey gives an overview of the scenarios that might emerge in the short term: 38 percent of the sample expect a substantial stability of orders from the foreign markets; such orders will decrease according to 38 percent and further increase according to 24 percent. Looking at the Italian market, 57 percent of the interviewees predict substantial stability, 19 percent increasing orders and 24 percent decreasing orders. Source:ACIMALL

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2023 Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Competition Winners

  • 2023-04-22

Woodworking Machinery The Outstanding Design Award: Anderson smart production system for panel furniture (Anderson Industrial Corp) Anderson smart production system for panel furniture Anderson utilized the 50 years experience in woodworking machinery industry, integrates mechanical, electrical and software three key features of automation, developed a full production system for panel furniture. Provides better, smarter, efficient and eco-friendly production system for the market, to bring the production to next level.   Description of 7 Key Design Features: (1)Practicality: Optimize the CNC cutting and drilling capability, with automation integrated, provide stable and high efficient production. (2)Innovative: Our parametric cabinet software and production nesting software, much reduce the production preparation time, and much organized the production procedures. (3)Accuracy: With our parametric cabinet software and production nesting software, all working programs are controlled by production office, operator only need to scan barcode to operate machine, much reduce operational error. Also with Anderson CNC production line, we never compromise on precision and production quality, and proudly to provide the best machine in the market to customers. (4)Smart integration: Integrate vision system at unloading system to provide accurate parts pick up and distributing to next process, make whole automatic system smoother. (5)Market penetration: After years research in the market, Anderson provides integrations on tradition and digitalization production for customers, this helps customer easier to implement smart production concept, which changed the trend of panel furniture production. (6)Eco-friendly: Use Anderson offcut management system can easily increase the utilization of material and reduce waste as much as we can. Much reduce waste without interrupt the automatic production line. (7)Safety: Each automatic processes with safety fence and barrier to make sure the safety of operator. The Outstanding Product Award: Just in time packing solution-smart boxing machine (Innovator Machinery Co., Ltd) The distinguished Product Award: Optimization multi rip saw(Kuang Yung Machinery Co Ltd.) The Distinguished Design Award: Intelligent 4 side moulder (Leadermac Machinery Co., Ltd) The Distinguished Product Award: Quick change 1mm and 2mm edge banding machine(Oav Equipment and Tools, Inc)   Peripherals The Distinguished Product Award: 3 in 1 dc brushless motor (Co-matic Machinery Co., Ltd.) Dust evacuate (Lu Yen Pcd Cutters Co., Ltd) The Distinguished Design Award: Automatic profile cutter grinner-cnc (Leadermac Machinery Co., Ltd)  

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Current Status of Global Woodworking Machinery Industry

  • 2023-02-25

       According to ITC (International Trade Centre) data ( Figure 1 and Figure 2), the global woodworking machinery export value in 2021 is about 9.74 billion US dollars, ranking first with mainland China, accounting for 25.3% of the global woodworking machinery export value (2.46 billion U.S. dollars), followed by Germany 21% (2.05 billion U.S. dollars) and Italy 14.5% (1.41 billion U.S. dollars). Taiwan's woodworking machinery exports rank fourth in the world, with an export value of about 900 million U.S. dollars, accounting for the world's The export ratio is 9.3%, and its strength should not be underestimated. The industry is also actively breaking through the development bottleneck, moving forward with "digitalization and intelligence" as the development direction, and striving to expand brand awareness in the international market.

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Linear systems from igus as space-saving solution in award-winning furniture design

  • 2023-02-03

drylin linear guides ensure a clean pull-out in the multifunctional cube SQR        Living, working and cooking in confined spaces is currently part of everyday life for many people worldwide. This is why more and more practical furniture such as the multifunctional cube SQR is in demand. A square solution that combines kitchen, workplace and dining table. To create plenty of storage space, the inventor relied on the lubrication-free and long-lasting drylin linear guides from igus.        At the end of 2016, Daniel Pracht lived in a small flat with no kitchen. The then budding master carpenter developed a practical quadratic solution: the SQR. A multifunctional cube with an extendable induction area, with which one or more persons can not only cook, but also stay, work and live in a compact space. Perfectly suited, especially at times when a home office is more than ever, the order of the day. To create a lot of storage space, the inventor was looking for a pull-out solution. Normal roller guides took up too much installation space and did not meet the requirements for a simple and elegant design. Daniel Pracht found what he was looking for in the drylin linear systems from igus: "The guides convinced me right from the start, both in terms of design and smooth operation."   Industry and furniture technology = functionality and design        When choosing the drylin WSQ linear system, one decisive criterion was not only the functionality - the wear-resistant and long-lasting opening and closing of the drawers - but also the processing of the rails. "The combination of the aluminium of the rail and the oak of the cube complements one another, which was very important to me. Just like the square shape of the guide", explains Pracht. Each of the five drawers contains two guides. Liners made of the high-performance iglidur J200 polymer ensure smooth operation. It is lubrication-free and maintenance-free, thanks to the use of solid lubricants. A great advantage in potential contact with food. Furthermore, dirt and dust cannot adhere to the bearings. The guides and bearings are easy to clean with household chemicals. An all-round hygienic solution.   Quadratic and compact design convinces professional juries        The concept convinced not only the inventor himself, but also a wide audience. Daniel Pracht won the Design Prize at the exhibition of masterpieces at his school. After that everything went very fast. Due to the increasing attention of his furniture, he registered a utility model protection, secured the brand name "SQR" and founded BODI e.K. as the registered merchant of a new distribution channel for his special piece of furniture. Pracht took part in the Red Dot Design Award in 2018 and won the award. In 2019 he was nominated for the German Design Award.   Source:igus Taiwan

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Ligna 2023 Position as the world’s leading trade show further expanded

  • 2023-05-23

       Over its five-day run, from 15 to 19 May, LIGNA 2023, the world’s leading trade fair for woodworking and wood processing featured a plethora of innovations, inspiration and networking. 1,300 companies from 50 different countries presented their solutions for the wood industry, the furniture-making industry, the woodworking trades and the primary sector. The focus was on the two megatrends of sustainability and digitization. The response from Germany and all over the world was commensurately high. 80 000 visitors from 160 countries took advantage of the opportunity to inform themselves about smart machines and resource-saving production processes.        The exhibitors from Taiwan are Co-matic, OAV, Gau Jing, Kuang Yung, Leadermac, Extend Light, Innovator, E-Chian, Sherng Yuan, CKM,Hoon Hsiang,TWMA etc.        Anticipation during the run-up to the trade fair was high. Exhibitors and visitors were thrilled to finally be able to assemble again in person after a four-year hiatus and witness first-hand the concentrated innovative power of the woodworking and wood processing industry. “LIGNA 2023 exceeded the high expectations of both our exhibiting companies and our visitors, demonstrating that the machinery, equipment and solutions presented at the show are paving the way for a sustainable and digitized wood, furniture and construction industry,” said Dr. Jochen Köckler, Managing Board Chairman of the Deutsche Messe group of companies. “An impressive 60 percent of visitors came from abroad. LIGNA has further strengthened its position as the world’s leading woodworking tradeshow.” Source:Ligna 2023

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WOOD TAIWAN 2023 Breaks Records with Overwhelming Attendance!

  • 2023-04-24

       WOOD TAIWAN 2023, Taiwan's largest woodworking machinery exhibition, was co- organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association (TWMA). The exhibition, held at TaiNEX1 in Taipei, concluded successfully today after a four-day run. With over 7,500 visitors from more than 40 countries, the event marked a growth of 23% compared to five years ago, setting a new record. Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, South Korea, and Thailand were the top five buyer countries. Buyer delegations from Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and India showed great interest in the exhibition, reflecting the event's strong appeal to potential buyers.        The exhibition received unanimous praise from leading companies such as ANDERSON, LEADERMAC, TECHNIK, CHAMP FOND, KUANG YUNG, and XIANG JING, with domestic and foreign buyers flocking to the event. Exhibitors exclaimed that the exhibition was far beyond expectations with diverse clientele in attendance. Some exhibitors also noted that this year's WOOD TAIWAN surpassed the pre-pandemic edition in terms of popularity. Furthermore, the increase in demand for domestic customized and system board decoration was observed, while the procurement direction of foreign buyers reflected the impact of international political and economic situations as well as the trend of regional production shifting.        According to participating buyers, the introduction of "Power Tools for Homemade DIY Woodworking," "Hardware Accessories & Plates," and "WOOD for MOOD" gave the exhibition a completely new and personalized feel, making it a must-visit for woodworking enthusiasts. Participating buyers expressed that WOOD TAIWAN had a completely new look and worth a visit. Moreover, a Japanese journalist who attended the exhibition in person noted that Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry has advanced considerably, with the introduction of more intelligent and fully integrated solutions for factories, which have made the industry highly competitive.        WOOD TAIWAN Stage hosted exciting events during the show, including the two-day "Timber Construction Sustainability Forum," which attracted over 100 participants each day. The forum featured experts in timber structures who discussed the carbon reduction advantages and implementation of wood construction. The "WOOD Insight -DIY Experience," "Lumber Ecosystem Guided Tour," and "ManufacturersWin Podcast Live" were also highly praised. Even businesses that were unable to attend the physical exhibition could keep up with this year's highlights through the live streaming of the Podcast and Guided Tour."        After the conclusion of the physical exhibition, WOOD TAIWAN 2023 will continue online until May 4th. To stay up to date on the latest news and information about WOOD TAIWAN, please visit the official website at and follow the social media page. Source by:TAITRA

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WOOD TAIWAN 2023 Grand Opening Starts Today with Latest Woodworking Innovations

  • 2023-04-20

      Taipei, Taiwan, April 20, 2023 – The Taiwan International Woodworking Machinery Show (WOOD TAIWAN 2023) has made a grand return after a five-year hiatus. Jointly organized by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) and the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association (TWMA), it began today at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX1) with over 150 exhibitors. Registered buyers from more than fifty countries around the world are expected to attend.        The event showcases some of Taiwan's renowned brands, such as ANDERSON, LEADERMAC, TECHNIK, CHAMP FOND, KUANG YUNG, XIANG JING, OAV, LNC, INNOVATOR, JUN SHIAU, FURNIMATE, CARPENTER, CHUAN CHIER, WOEI, GAU JING, as well as German SIEMENS and HOMAG.        This year, WOOD TAIWAN introduces three new sections: "WOOD for MOOD," "Hardware Accessories & Plates," and "Power Tools for Homemade DIY Woodworking." These new sections will likely bring the exhibition closer to end-users and cover the entire supply chain.        Earlier, an opening cocktail party was attended by buyers and VIPs overseas and delegations from Malaysia, Japan, and Vietnam. Simon Wang, President & CEO of TAITRA, stated that despite the pandemic, Taiwan's woodworking machinery industry has never stopped moving forward. Wang added that he expects to see a lot of R&D momentum demonstrated by exhibitors after so many years. TWMA Chairman Joe Chang mentioned that Taiwan continues to rank as the world's fourth-largest exporter of woodworking machinery, and the industry is continuously upgrading towards digital and smart applications of technology.        Moreover, in line with the theme "Envision a Greener Future," WOOD TAIWAN focuses on three sustainable engines driving the industry: the "Timber Construction Sustainability Forum," "EcoSpeak: Strategies for Net-Zero" seminar, and 15 companies sharing their sustainable practices to join WOOD TAIWAN's green initiative, including EXCELLENT, RKE, ARDEN, GOODTEK, HWA SHIN, FURNIMATE, WEN CHIH, HOLYTEK, and many others.        During the exhibition, the WOOD TAIWAN Stage will hold various seminars, including "Woodworking Machinery's Next Frontier: Automation Technology and Smart Manufacturing," "ManufacturersWin Podcast," and "WOOD Insight - DIY Experience." Additionally, there will be a variety of activities, such as the "Lumber Ecosystem Guided Tour," the "Design and Excellent Product Competition," the "WOOD TAIWAN Sourcing Meetings," and the "Taipei Biz Tour."        WOOD TAIWAN 2023 will run daily from 10:00 - 18:00, April 20 - 23, 1F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center Hall 1 (TaiNEX1). The online exhibition will continue until May 4. For the latest news and registration details, visit the official website at

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DELHIWOOD 2023 – A driving force for the woodworking and furniture manufacturing Industry

  • 2022-11-24

       The recently concluded INDIAWOOD 2022 had an impressive turnout with more than 72000 visitors from 1143 cities and 30 Countries. The event, held between 2nd-6th June, witnessed a stupendous response from the industry, surpassing previous visitor numbers, gaining favorable reviews from the exhibitors and emerging as the most important congregation point for the entire woodworking and furniture manufacturing Industry. INDIAWOOD 2022 spread over 64,000 SqMs hosted over 850+ exhibitors from 50 countries and hosted 5 dedicated country pavilions. The event was supported by leading Industry associations and trade bodies, with various knowledge and skilling sessions, thus creating a platform which was all-encompassing and relevant for the industry.        The Indian furniture industry is gradually transforming into a more organized and competitive sector. The entry of global brands in the sector, emergence of large retail players, online D2C sales and the resultant consolidation, are trends that highlight this transformation. It has been identified as one of the sunrise sectors, which has the potential to emerge as a crucial pillar for the “Make in India” campaign.        DELHIWOOD aims to drive the Indian furniture manufacturing and woodworking industry and establish India as one of the top manufacturing destinations in the region. At the upcoming 7th edition of DELHIWOOD, scheduled to take place from 2nd-5th March, 2023 at India Expo Mart, Greater Noida (DELHI, NCR), the stakeholders from the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry will get an opportunity to meet numerous national and international decision-makers, acquire new customers and discuss key issues including Digitalization, sustainability, skilling, supply chain management as also discover new trends, technologies and materials.        The 2019 edition of the event saw participation from 500+ brands from 35 countries spread across 11 country pavilions and offered a 360-degree view on global trends from the Woodworking Industry. Furniture & Kitchen manufacturers, architects, interior designers, timber traders, saw millers, builders, contractors, hardware distributors, dealers from all over the country and neighboring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, the middle-east & other international countries were part of this 4-day mega event. Source:DALHI Wood

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WoodTaiwan Extra 2023

WoodTaiwan Extra

WoodTaiwan 2023 ,Taipei International Woodworking Machinery Show will be held on Apr 20-23.Pubished by NewsWin Media , this issue professionally reports on the current situation of Taiwan and the global woodworking industry and other special articles. And it recruit well-know woodworking machinery manufacturers in Taiwan. A must-have purchasing guide for buyers who come to visit.

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