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AIW Window develops green energy windows and moves towards an ESG energy-saving future

  • 2023-12-08

       2023 Taipei Building Show has diverse content, including AI artificial intelligence, international cooperation, structural design, net-zero carbon emissions, etc. AIW Window specially held a brand short talk event during the exhibition period, and joined hands with its brand AIM Fengguang Filter Film to share the company’s high-performance products , respond to ESG, cross-border fashion and other achievements.  

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Taiwan's woodworking machinery exports are overly concentrated in a single market, with a 40% decline in the first three quarters of 2023

  • 2023-11-25

       According to the report of Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, top five Taiwan woodworking machinery exporting countries are the United States, China, Canada, Australia and Japan from January to September 2023.        Due to the impact of the U.S. Federal Reserve's strong interest rate hike, the local real estate boom has declined, and my country's woodworking machinery export market has been overly concentrated in the United States, resulting in an annual decline of more than 40% in the value of my country's woodworking machinery exports from January to September 2023.        It can be found from the chart that compared with the same period last year, the total export volume which fell by 40.93%, the top four exporting countries include the United States, which fell by 40.93%, China fell by 30.78%, Canada fell by 23.64%, Australia fell by 24.55%, all fell by more than 20 percentage points, and only Italy rose by 24.38%.    

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  • 2023-11-15

       During the last months the furniture sector had to deal with a particularly delicate topic that has generated quite a bit of concern throughout; ­we are talking about the stability of clothing storage units and the legislative requirements that have recently been introduced for the US market. Such measures have been published referring precisely to the criticality regarding the stability of certain furniture products that are considered to be one of the most frequent causes of accidents in the home.        According to the figures reported in the US Federal Register (Vol.87 No 226 Nov 2022), in the period between January 2000 and April 2022, in the United States, more than 230 fatal home accidents directly or indirectly caused by overturning of clothing storage units occurred; of these nearly 200 involved children. These numbers are absolutely dramatic, but, to the above-mentioned figures, many other accidents should be added, fortunately less serious, but which regrettably always involve children in the vast majority of cases (over 70%).        Numbers that are obviously considered unacceptable by the American government authorities, who therefore decided to start a legislative path to ensure the safety of furniture by eliminating or at least reducing the causes that lead to its tipping over in domestic environments.        The activity was coordinated by the CPSC-Consumer Product Safety Commission, the US federal agency in charge of consumer product safety, which also undertakes precise analyses to assess the evidence of potential hazards caused by or related to the use of different products. An activity that also includes the publication of mandatory technical standards, information and education of both manufacturers and end-consumers as well as other activities such as the possible recall of non-compliant products from the market.        The CPSC therefore began to investigate the specific causes that had led to or anyway favors the tipping of clothing storage units in use, considering first of all the technical standard in force in the United States, i.e. ASTM F2054-19.        In addition to the American standard, CPSC also considered the general worldwide standardization landscape on this issue, including an analysis of other documents such as EN 14749, ISO 7171, as well as a similar Australian standard.        At the end, none of the standards examined were considered adequate to prevent the incidents that occurred in the American market.        After this initial analysis, CPSC therefore determined that it necessarily had to adopt a new test method to meet the safety requirements expressed by the American government authorities.        In 2022, the “Final Rule 16 CFR 1261” was published in the US Federal Register, which contains guidance on the safety standards to be considered mandatory for furniture and furnishings that fall under the CSU-Clothing Storage Units definition.        The aim of the provision is to eliminate, or at least to reduce, the risks of furniture tipping over by complying with certain requirements that can be verified by laboratory tests and made clear to the end user by specific labelling. A constructive discussion with the American Home Furnishing Alliance (AHFA-American Home Furnishing Alliance) started on this first document which led to an evaluation of its practical effects on marketed products and its actual effectiveness.        In parallel to what the CPSC was doing, however, there was a second initiative that at the legislative level was called the STURDY Act (Stop Tip-overs of Unstable, Risky Dressers on Youth Act). This study considered to maintain the existing standard, ASTM F2057, but checking whether it could be updated to meet the safety requirements expressed by the American authorities.        The manufacturers were much more in favor of this second option and the following discussions finally led to a compromise between the two strategies.        A key step at this point was the review that CPSC did on the new version of ASTM F2057-23, establishing that it met the safety requirements and became the mandatory reference for CSUs at this point. The requirements in the updated ASTM standard are mandatory for furniture produced from 1 September 2023 and intended for the US market.       The standard specifies to verify the stability of CSUs complying various laboratory test: stability test to simulate a load in the cabinet, stability test to simulate a dynamic horizontal force, stability test to simulate a child’s use of a clothing Storage Unit placed on a carpet, interlock test (mechanism allowing only one drawer to be opened at a time); testing of anti-tilt systems (ASTM 3096, standard updated in 2023 as well).        ASTM F2057-23 applies to free-standing clothing storage units, including but not limited to dressers, chests of drawers, cabinets with drawers and/or doors, with the following characteristics: cabinet height ≥ 68.6 cm; weight ≥ 13.6 kg; loadable volume ≥ 90.6 dm3. Bookcases, office furniture, dining room furniture, jewellery cabinets, under-bed drawers, laundry storage units, furniture whose use is not intended for the bedroom, wall-mounted furniture are not included.  

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Taipei Building Show grand opening on Dec 07, in Nangang Exhibition Hall

  • 2023-12-07

       The "35th Taipei Building Show was held grandly on December 7, using the first and fourth floors of Hall 1 of the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Louquan District is the largest, most international and professional construction and building materials exhibition in Taiwan. The "52nd Architects' Day Celebration Conference" and the "20th Taiwan Architecture Forum" will be held simultaneously during the exhibition, which will attract architectural professionals, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, traders and the public from all over the world. Expect great things.        The exhibition is divided into nine areas based on product attributes, namely "Doors, Windows and Hardware and Building Materials Area", "Green Building Green Building Materials Area", "Smart Building Area", "Comprehensive Building Materials Area", "Furniture and Decoration Area", "Bathroom Ware" Kitchenware Area", "Lighting Area", "Floor, Wall Materials and Decorative Building Materials Area" and "Overseas Exhibition Area", in addition to domestic high-quality building materials related companies, there are also exhibitors from the United States, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Malaysia. Nine countries including China, Indonesia and South Korea participated in the exhibition, as well as many international distribution agents. Nearly 500 exhibitors used more than 2,300 booths to display the latest and highest quality building materials products and construction methods and technologies from all over the world.

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CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2024 – “Surpass” as the new motto of the show

  • 2023-11-30

      CIFM/interzum guangzhou is THE premier event for the Asian furniture manufacturing sector and is scheduled to be held from 28th to 31st March 2024 at the Canton Fair Complex. Every year, the event in Guangzhou brings together the world's leading players in wood processing, furniture production and interior design. Surpassing "Surpass" is the motto of this year's exhibition. Companies that want to remain competitive, grow and take a leading position in the dynamic, changing market of the furniture industry must rethink their strategy. They need to rethink old patterns, reposition themselves and overcome boundaries in the process. Great line-up in 2024 CIFM/interzum guangzhou 2024 aims to create a strong global network that covers the entire supply chain. This year's event will feature around 200 prominent global brands. Halls 14.1 and 15.1 are of major significance showcasing outstanding upholstery components and textiles, together with the latest developments in interior decoration, surfaces, power mechanisms, wood, panels and adhesives. Well-known Italian brands such as Diviemme, Furnital, Italiana Ferramenta, Permo, Pessotto Reti, Sige, UNIONPLAST and VIBO, will be exhibiting their entire range of top-quality fittings. A diverse variety of materials representing different global upholstery styles will be showcased in the materials section. Established global brands in the surface materials industry, including Schattdecor, Rehau, impress, Interprint (IP), LamiGraf, Renolit and Munksjö, will offer comprehensive solutions to meet different sourcing requirements. The American Hardwood Export Council and American Softwoods will demonstrate their expertise in the wood industry. SCM, Paolino Bacci, Biesse, HOMAG, Leitz and Freud are among the leading manufacturers of woodworking machinery taking part in CIFM/interzum guangzhou. interzum guangzhou 2024 is strengthening its ties with the European woodworking machinery sector through an exclusive partnership with the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS). EUMABOIS has integrated the exhibition into its international network and will support the next interzum guangzhou in order to create an innovative platform for the woodworking machinery industry, providing evidence-based solutions and turning evidence into action. Awards for excellence        The interzum guangzhou Award has a strong and widely recognized industry standing. Every year, exceptional products are curated by a select panel of judges. Renowned international material and design experts such as Dick Spierenburg, Sascha Peters and Kristina Meyer will be on the panel for the upcoming 2024 edition. The interzum guangzhou Award is poised to set a new benchmark for outstanding companies and products. Visitor pre-registration for interzum guangzhou is now open. Please visit for more information or to register.

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Thailand's wood exports surged first four months of 2023

  • 2023-10-24

       (Bangkok, 24th October 2023) – The value of Thailand’s wood exports achieved a milestone in 2022, totaling 104 billion Thai baht. In the first four months of 2023 alone, export value has already surged to 36.4 billion Thai baht, reflecting a remarkable 5.31% increase compared to the same period last year.        In a recent webinar organized by Thailand International Woodworking & Furniture Exhibition 2024 (TIWF 2024), which was chaired by the Thai Timber Association and Thai Furniture Association respectively, it revealed that Thailand’s number one wood export is rubber wood, with China as one of its key markets. Thailand has over 3.5 million hectares of rubber woodland located largely in the southern part of the country.        Thailand’s wood product exports are divided into 5 segments, namely processed wood, fiberboard, plywood, furniture and other wood products. Processed wood, fiberboard, and plywood accounts for 73% of total exports, while furniture and other wood products accounts for the remaining 27%.        During the webinar, key Thai wood industry players, Ta Chou Industry Co., Ltd and Union Thai Plus Co., Ltd, led discussions on opportunities of Thailand’s wood industry. There is general consensus that Thailand’s wood industry has good growth potentials, due to abundance of raw materials. The industry also highlighted that there are many value added products and materials that Thailand can produce and export using innovations and technology. These include termite- proof wood, fire-resistance wood, application of nano-technology on wooden furniture, scratch resistance coatings, to name a few.        The well attended webinar also discussed the industry’s pain points. These include a lack of competiveness in design, quality and cost due to slow adoption of technology, machinery and automation. It resulted in lack of production standardization, poor productivity, inefficient upstream and downstream processes, high wastage and increased operating costs. The industry is hence calling for the Thai government to support training initiatives to upskill and upgrade productions through the introduction of new technology solutions and machinery automation.        According to Thailand’s 2021 woodworking machinery import statistics, Thailand is the world’s 34th largest importer of woodworking machines, valued at US$70.9 million. Imports are expected to rise as Thailand continues to rely on imports of machinery and technology in order to produce and export better quality wood products.        It is against the above mentioned backdrop, that an event like Thailand International Woodworking & Furniture Exhibition 2024 (TIWF 2024) is staged to provide Thailand and the surrounding South East Asian woodworking industry, with a dedicated face-to-face international forum to meet, discuss, exchange views, gain new knowledge, update on trends, forge new business partnerships and networks, while at the same time address sustainability issues impacting the environment.        Hosted by Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, TIWF 2024 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand from 18th to 20th September 2024, to present the latest machinery, technology, materials and supplies, fittings, hardware and components, and services, serving the wood industry of Thailand and the surrounding South East Asian region.        TIWF 2024 will take up over 5,000 sq. meters of exhibition space at the IMPACT Exhibition and Convention Centre, with over 150 exhibiting companies, and 4,000 local and international attendees coming from the entire spectrum of the woodworking and furniture supply chain sectors.        One unique highlight of TIWF 2024 is its Hosted Buyers and Business Matching Program designed to identify and invite key buyers from South East Asia to attend. This program presents exhibiting companies with the opportunity to meet directly with key decision makers seeking solutions and answers to improve their production and manufacturing efficiencies.        The importance of TIWF 2024 as a key industry platform for the wood industry of Thailand and South East Asia is underscored by the strong supports that it has received, and is still receiving from many local and international wood industry organisations.        Locally, TIWF 2024 is hosted by Thailand’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment as its Host Organization. The event’s strategic partners include the Thai Forestry Industry Organisation and the Kasetsart University’s Forestry Faculty. In an initiative to uplift the standards of Thailand’s wood industry, especially those located in the provinces, TIWF 2024 is working with its strategic partners to conduct a series of educational and best practice workshops in these provinces, prior to the actual TIWF event.        TIWF 2024 is also supported by related wood industry associations such as the Thai Furniture Association, Thai Timber Association, the Federation of Thai Industries, and Thai Hevea Wood Association, to name a few.        On the international support front, organisations such as Americans Softwoods, American Hardwood Export Council, French Timber, Malaysia Timber Council, Singapore Timber Association, Sabah Timber Industries Association, Wood Technologist Association (India), and Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry have all confirmed their supports, and looking to participate in this event.        TIWF 2024 has also received plans for a “Made in Germany” Pavilion supported by Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action. The German Exhibitor Pavilion is subjected to official confirmation, including those of other European Exhibitor Pavilion groups that the organisers will announce soon.        The decision to stage TIWF 2024 is a result of a year-long engagement the organisers have had with many industry stakeholders. The consensus pointed to a need for an event like TIWF to be staged in Thailand, as a key face-to-face regional industry platform to discuss challenges and opportunities of the wood industry of Thailand and South East Asian markets, while at the same time helps to create and enhance business opportunities in these markets.

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Floortech Set to Gather Worldwide Industry Players to Meet Increasing Demand in Indonesia’s Flooring and Surface Markets

  • 2023-09-06

       Jakarta, September 2023. Continuing from its successful debut last year, the second edition of International Flooring Technology (Floortech) Indonesia will be held from 20-23 September 2023 at the Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran. Featuring leading manufacturers and brands specializing in flooring applications, hundreds of exhibiting companies will showcase their latest innovative products to a wide-ranging audience from industrial, residential and commercial sectors.          Floortech Indonesia provides an exceptional platform for global exhibitors and prospective buyers who are eager to explore the abundant opportunities within the flooring and surface markets. It is an unmissable opportunity to discover cutting-edge products showcasing the latest innovations and technological advancements.        The upcoming Floortech Indonesia is set to surpass previous editions in terms of audience size, as it is a remarkable joint event in conjunction with the highly anticipated 10th edition of IFMAC & WOODMAC 2023.        The co-located events will feature an expanded line-up of exhibitors, providing a broader range of products and services for the larger crowd of visitors and potential buyers to explore. Moreover, it serves as a lucrative hub to delve into Indonesia's robust and untapped building and construction sectors.        Products on exhibit at the event include, among others, raw material processing such as varieties of woods, ceramics, stones, concretes, plastic composites, and others made for flooring applications.        As Southeast Asia's largest economy, Indonesia has a promising market outlook. According to Statista Global Consumer Survey (insert source date), revenue in the country's flooring market will reach USD0.69bn in 2022. The survey also forecasts a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.45% for 2022-2027 and a projected market volume of USD 1.42 bn by 2027.        Despite the disruptive impact of the global pandemic on various industries, Indonesia achieved an impressive milestone in the wall and floor tile market, recording USD 12.7 billion in 2021, as reported by Ken Research.        The upcoming Floortech Indonesia exhibition serves as a testament to Indonesia's commitment to showcasing the latest advancements in the sector, providing a platform for industry professionals to explore innovative products and technologies. With a focus on safety and well-being, this event aims to create a conducive environment for exhibitors and visitors to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the continued success of the building and construction industry in Indonesia.        The last edition of Floortech Indonesia successfully connected exhibitors with 11,225 professional visitors. Building on this success, an even larger turnout for the upcoming edition is anticipated, with a projected participation of 15.000 visitors. Floortech 2023 will facilitate fruitful connections, knowledge sharing, and business opportunities within the vibrant atmosphere of the JI Expo show floor.  

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