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  • 2024-04-26

       With just a bit more than one month left before the ribbon cutting, it’s all set and Xylexpo will be once again a reference event in the global trade fair landscape: more than 260 exhibitors, 33 percent from abroad, will cover 25 thousand square meters of exhibition area, in Halls 1 and 3 at FieraMilano Rho (East or “Metropolitana” gate).        From 21 to 24 May, the event will present the state-of-the-art of the international offer of wood and furniture technology. “It will be a valuable opportunity – said Dario Corbetta, exhibition director ­– in view of the recent measures for “Industry 5.0”. Italian companies will benefit from fiscal incentives up to 45 percent of their investments, provided they comply with specific features in terms of digital transformatio, but most of all – that’s the news – sustainability”. An attracting opportunity for all Italian exhibitors and visitors in an Italian market that is worth more than one billion euro.        Xylexpo will be a big date for exhibitors, who can show how their technology is in line with the current sustainability requirements, and for visitors, who will have the opportunity to see the new technological levels that also woodworking machinery are required to achieve.  

CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2024 delivers exceptional results
  • 2024-04-25

       CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2024 came to a close in its namesake city after a four-day run starting on 28 March. Set against the backdrop of China’s ambitious drive to modernise its industrial base and accelerate the development of new production capacity, this year’s event, with the apt theme of “Surpass”, exceeded expectations in terms of scale, international impact and industry engagement, delivering substantial momentum to the furniture production and manufacturing sector. Record-breaking scale        At nearly 180,000 square metres, the exhibition area was 24.2% larger than in 2019 and hosted 1,586 companies showcasing new products, technologies and applications covering furniture woodworking machinery, upholstery machinery, hardware accessories, upholstery materials, interior design, wood products and panels, adhesives and more.         The event brought together 231 prominent international brands, further cementing CIFM / interzum guangzhou’s role as a trailblazer and innovation hub for the furniture industry. Taking place alongside the second phase of the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF), the exhibition attracted 215,166 trade visitors from 178 countries and regions, a leap of 30.2% compared with 2019. Overseas participation also increased, skyrocketing by 63.6% to achieve a record-breaking high.        Looking back on the event, Grace Chen, Chairwoman of the Board of Leitz (China), a renowned German brand of woodworking tools, expressed optimism: “Both visitor turnout and order volumes surpassed expectations by approximately 20%. We are hopeful and confident about the outlook for the Chinese market.”        Yongfeng Yang, President of CITIKING-RENOLIT, a leading brand of decorative films, echoed similar sentiments: “interzum guangzhou is a highly influential international furniture production trade fair. Industry-leading companies, designers and technical teams all participate. We are very pleased with the event.” Various opportunities for engagement and innovative thinking        As a guiding light for the international furniture manufacturing industry, CIFM / interzum guangzhou showcases trends that serve as crucial insights for industry players seeking business opportunities.        Top international companies such as SCM, Paolino Bacci, Biesse, HOMAG, Leitz and Freud converged in Area B of the event venue (Halls 11.1, 12.1 and 13.1), establishing a hub for advanced furniture production. Their focus on precision, efficiency and first-class quality has led to the development of innovative solutions, characterised by data-driven approaches, digitalisation, visualisation and end-to-end coverage of the production cycle.        Area C (Halls 14.1 and 15.1) featured an extensive array of furniture materials and accessories, highlighting innovations in sustainable materials and functional enhancements alongside sources of aesthetic inspiration for home interior design. International associations AHEC and AMSO, as well as global brands such as Aydın, Boyteks, Decospan, DewertOkin, DIC, GTA, Henkel, impress, Italiana Ferramenta, LamiGraf, limoss, LINAK, Munksjö, Rehau, Renolit, Schattdecor, SIGE SPA and SIMALFA, showcased high-quality upstream solutions, making a visit to Area C unmissable for furniture manufacturers and designers.        In addition to the exhibition, diverse concurrent events provided industry insights. For example, the Vitality of Sustainable Innovation to Life (VSIL) Forum focused on global home interior design and supply chains, while the Boundless Design Forum explored international edge banding technologies. Meanwhile, the interzum guangzhou Award recognised high-quality furniture accessories and components with a focus on sustainable development, digitalisation and innovative material applications. Fostering global collaboration to achieve excellence        The 2024 edition of CIFM / interzum guangzhou saw collaboration with the European Federation of Woodworking Machinery Manufacturers (EUMABOIS), the Egyptian Furniture Export Council (EFEC) and the Malaysian Furniture Council (MFC), among others, with the aim of connecting the resources of the global furniture industry and establishing an exclusive annual international event dedicated to furniture production and design.        Furthermore, the event hosted 200 on-site business matchmaking sessions as part of its efforts to provide exhibitors and buyers with top-tier communication platforms and professional services. Procurement representatives from prominent companies such as Appliance Furniture, BSL Furniture, Designcomefirst, Ellesime, Guxin, Jemaramas Jaya, MT Design, Muli, Multi M Group, SAI Solutions and Vifa engaged in productive face-to-face business meetings with their preferred upstream suppliers.        Li Peng, R&D Director at Vifa, praised the event: “This year’s on-site matchmaking sessions were exceptionally well-organised, precise and highly efficient. Subsequent discussions at the designated booths yielded fruitful outcomes. We commend the organisers for their professionalism and meticulous planning, and we eagerly anticipate the continued success of the trade fair.”        Sharing her insights after attending interzum guangzhou and participating in business matchmaking activities for the first time, Christy Tang, Creative Director at MT Design, said: “Attending interzum guangzhou 2024 has not only expanded our knowledge but has also strengthened our professional network, allowing us to stay abreast of the latest trends and innovations in the industry.”        Antonio Fincato, Area Manager for Italian hardware brand SIGE SPA, agreed, remarking that “the start of this year is very positive.”        As Fincato rightly notes, CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2024 marks a hopeful beginning to the season for the global furniture industry supply chain, nurturing channels for communication and cooperation and setting a positive course for the year ahead.        CIFM / interzum guangzhou will return to the Canton Fair Complex from 28 to 31 March 2025. Registration for stands is now open. To learn more about the trade fair, visit www.interzum-guangzhou.com.    

Navigating the Future: CIFM / interzum guangzhou 2024 Explores Sustainable Solutions and Cutting-edge Trends
  • 2024-04-01

       CIFM / interzum guangzhou opened to the furniture production industry today at the Canton Fair Complex with much fanfare. The 2024 edition surpassed expectations with an expansive area of 180,000 square meters, hosting over 1,300 exhibitors from 31 countries and regions. Across the exhibition halls, visitors encountered a diverse array of cutting-edge products, technologies, and applications spanning furniture woodworking machinery, hardware, interiors, and more. With over 230 renowned international brands in attendance, CIFM / interzum guangzhou reinforced its status as a beacon of innovation and a catalyst for industry advancement. New Chapter        Amidst this vibrant atmosphere, industry luminaries convened on the first day to engage in forward-thinking discussions about development and future trends, underscoring the dynamic energy and vitality of the sector. The kick-off ceremony of the interzum guangzhou Award and VSIL Forum, followed by the prestigious award ceremony, celebrated the achievements of 20 outstanding enterprises. Among the esteemed winners were Aydın Tekstil, CHENYU TEXTILE, DewertOkin, DIC, eMoMo, HD Hardware, Henkel, INTERPRINT, Lien A, LINAK, Lion Rock, PRINTECH KR, PT ATEJA TRITUNGGAL, REHAU, Remacro, Renolit, Schattdecor, SIGE SPA, SIMALFA® and Tianan New Material.        The four-day event's significance was underscored by Matthias Pollmann, Vice President of Koelnmesse GmbH, who remarked, "Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2024, Koelnmesse is the world’s top trade fair organiser for the areas of Living, Contract and Public Spaces, with a presence in key markets worldwide. In collaboration with the China Foreign Trade Centre Group, Ltd., CIFM / interzum guangzhou has evolved into the flagship exhibition for woodworking machinery, furniture manufacturing, and interiors in Asia.”        Michiel Kruse, Managing Director of Koelnmesse (Beijing) Co., Ltd., kicked off the interzum guangzhou Award & VSIL Forum, “With the keyword 'Surpass' for the 2024 edition, we aim to leverage this diverse platform to drive product and technological innovation through events like the interzum guangzhou Award and the 'Vitality of Sustainable Innovation to Life' (VSIL) Forum, empowering sustainable development in the furniture industry and guiding global stakeholders to new heights!"        The 2024 exhibition, supported by international industry associations, further solidified its prominence as a focal point for woodworking industry attention and market dynamics. Luigi De Vito, President of EUMABOIS, affirmed, "interzum guangzhou is certainly the spot of great interest for the woodworking business. It acts as an excellent indicator on market dynamics and it is a real springboard for innovation in a wide range of product categories." Gathering of Innovations      Beyond the discussions and accolades, the exhibition halls brimmed with innovation from leading global brands, each showcasing their latest breakthroughs and achievements. Visitors were treated to a diverse array of products, from advanced woodworking machinery to innovative hardware solutions and sustainable materials.        In Hall 11.1, SCM Group dazzled with its high-precision CNC machining centers, while HSD from Italy showcased cutting-edge five-axis heads and electric spindles.        In Hall 12.1.The Taiwan Exhibitors are TaiChan, Lih Woei ,Innovator, Kuang Yung, Sk Global,Jun Shiau,CYWWM, Chang Tjer,City Tools,Blue Steel,Chia Lung,Kuoming Licom,Shen Ko,Weipinmech,NewsWin Media etc.        Meanwhile, in Hall 14.1, SIGE SPA presented its modular Hardware Home series, and Italiana Ferramenta unveiled its next-generation accessories solutions. Aydın Tekstil from Turkey showcased environmentally friendly textiles.        In Hall 15.1, Schattdecor unveiled its Fineflex series, merging modern design and eco-friendly materials. REHAU showcased its sleek RAUKANTEX Pigmento edgeband, offering seamless aesthetics for panel furniture. AICA debuted its customizable, eco-friendly home adhesives and films. DIC presented its famed HARTMANN ink and new moisture-resistant PUR products. DewertOkin exhibited an intelligent snoring control system with innovative sensor technology. A Feast of Ideas        The exhibition will not only be a showcase of products but also a hub of ideas and discussions. The VSIL Forum, themed " Design Utopia - Global Furniture "Design & Supply Chain" Innovation," will bring together international designers and industry leaders from Schattdecor, Hettich and Domus Line to explore collaborative innovation between design and the supply chain.        Meanwhile, discussions on environmental sustainability and edge banding technology will highlight the industry's commitment to innovation and responsible practices. Awaiting participants from day two of the exhibition, the VSIL Forum will explore environmental protection and sustainability with experts from Europe, LINAK, SIMALFA®, and China’s Home Color Research Institute. They will discuss practical applications of sustainable development concepts in the home industry. The Boundless Design Forum, titled " Crafting the Perfect Edge - 2024 Panel Furniture Forum on Advanced Edgebanding Techniques" is poised to feature industry experts from IMA Schelling, Henkel, REHAU, and Renolit to examine international cutting-edge edge banding technology and solutions.        In parallel, partnering with the Asia Color Trend Book, the VSIL Gallery 2024 is set to captivate visitors with its visual delights, inviting them to immerse themselves in the themes of "Re-route" and "Coexistence." Through personalized color and material displays, the exhibition aims to inspire creativity and foresight, setting the stage for future aesthetic trends in the furniture industry. Source: interzum guangzhou 2024

  • 2024-02-29

       …before the official opening of the 2024 edition, registrations keep flowing in from companies that decide to exhibit in Milan, in Halls 1 and 3 of Fieramilano Rho, at Xylexpo, the biennial international exhibition of wood and furniture industry technology scheduled next May 21 to 24.        So far, just below 250 exhibitors will attend the event – back to its traditional calendar slot in May – presenting plants, solutions, products and technology that will provide plenty of international visitors with an upgrade on all process stages, from primary operation to the most innovative finishing.        “Today more than ever, exhibitions accurately reflect the market health, and Xylexpo definitely offers a clear picture of the current situation of our industry, in Italy and globally”, said Dario Corbetta, exhibition director. “The record revenues of recent years have long been replaced by an inevitable reduction of orders. This situation was expected, but nevertheless, it caused many companies – despite high revenues supported by outstanding orders – to wait and see, to suspend investments in some activities, exhibitions on top of all. In recent weeks, many companies are reconsidering such decisions, but Xylexpo 2024 will inevitably have a different face”.        At FieraMilano-Rho, many key players of technology will be attending, leveraging the opportunity to be under the spotlight in a challenging landscape, with many visitors expected from Italy and abroad. SCM, Felder, Naxing, KDT and several “famous” German and international brands have renovated their trust in an event that, don’t forget, is not just attractive for buyers, importers and international operators, but is located in one of the world’s most important markets for wood and furniture technology, with total demand exceeding one billion euro. Source: XYLEXPO 2024    

INDIAWOOD 2024 - A Quarter Century of Excellence, Innovation and Global Dominance
  • 2024-02-23

       Bangalore, February 22, 2024 - The grand inauguration of INDIAWOOD 2024 today marks a significant milestone for the global woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry. Hosted at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre from 22-26 February, INDIAWOOD 2024 underscores the industry's evolution and India's pivotal role in the global woodworking and furniture manufacturing market.           Over the years, the event has established itself as the premier platform for innovation, collaboration, and growth in the woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry, not just in Asia but globally. The 2024 edition of INDIAWOOD sprawls over 75,000 square meters, showcasing over 950 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and will feature focused participation from Germany, Italy, France, Malaysia, USA and Taiwan. This year, the event is poised to welcome over 75,000 visitors, reflecting the industry's vibrant dynamics and the event's crucial role in shaping future trends. The exhibitors from Taiwan are CHI ING, GOODTEK, HOLYTEK, EXCELLENT,KUOMING,INNOVATOR,LEADERMAC, POWERMAX,SK GLOBAL,SANDERSON,LASERMAN,YOW CHERNG,TONG FONG,WENCHIH,RKE,NEWSWIN MEDIA,etc..        Furniture & Kitchen manufacturers, architects, interior designers, timber traders, saw millers, builders, contractors, hardware distributors, dealers from all over the world and neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, the Middle East participate in huge numbers at the event, reiterating its position as the melting pot for the “woodworking and furniture manufacturing” Industry. Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence and Innovation        As INDIAWOOD approaches its 25th anniversary in 2025, the event has emerged as the cornerstone for the industry, driving development, sustainability, and growth. By providing a platform for businesses to expand their markets, forge international partnerships, and explore new opportunities, INDIAWOOD has played a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of the woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector. The event has contributed to job creation, skill development, and the promotion of exports, underpinning the industry's contribution to economic development and prosperity.          From 2025 INDIAWOOD will alternate locations between Delhi and Bengaluru each year, ensuring a meticulously curated, focused, and internationally recognized platform to champion the industry's growth and global aspirations.  Woodworking Industry- The Backbone of India's Economic Landscape        The woodworking and furniture manufacturing sector is a vital component of India's booming economy. Contributing significantly to employment, manufacturing output, and export, the industry represents a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation. India's economic dominance, particularly in this sector, is a reflection of its capacity to blend high-skilled labour with cutting-edge technology, making it a global hub for furniture manufacturing and woodworking.        Sonia Prashar, Managing Director and Chairperson of the Board, NuernbergMesse India, stated, "As we inaugurate INDIAWOOD 2024, we are not just celebrating the present achievements but also laying the groundwork for the future. The woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry is at the cusp of a new era, driven by digital transformation and sustainability. Our vision is to propel India and INDIAWOOD to the forefront of this evolution, making it a global benchmark for innovation and excellence."        Sivakumar Venugopal, Member of the Management Board at NuernbergMesse India, added, "The 25th year of INDIAWOOD next year is a significant milestone that celebrates not just the longevity but also the impact of this event on the global stage. It is a reflection of our commitment towards fostering growth, innovation, and collaboration across continents. We are dedicated to showcasing the prowess of the Indian woodworking and furniture manufacturing industry to the world." About INDIAWOOD:        INDIAWOOD 2024 showcase groundbreaking technologies and materials that are poised to redefine the future of woodworking. From high-performance adhesives and coatings to sustainable timber harvesting practices and eco-friendly finishes, INDIAWOOD will demonstrate the industry's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Visitors will also be able to explore the latest advancements in engineered wood products, such as cross-laminated timber (CLT), laminated veneer lumber (LVL), and glue-laminated timber (glulam).        Spotlight will also be on the integration of digital technologies into woodworking processes, including CNC machining, robotics, smart edge banding solutions for seamless finishing, and laser cutting systems for precise cutting and engraving.        INDIA MATTRESSTECH + UPHOLSTERY SUPPLIES EXPO (IME), held concurrently will have on display the latest technology for mattress production machinery and supplies, mattress finishing machinery and supplies, production tools and equipment, upholstery production technology, bed systems, new materials etc.        The third edition of 'Wood+ in Architecture and Design (WAD)', one day conference, to be held on the 24th of February will bring together Architects, Structural Engineers, Designers and Mass-Timber manufacturers to explore through panel discussions, expert presentations, and interesting case studies the application of wood as a construction material. www.w-a-d.in.        Newest launch SURFACE IN MOTION, one day conference on decorative surfaces for wood-based materials, will be held on 23rd February; where top experts from Europe and India will present topics such as decor design, the latest surface technologies, production processes and trends. Source: INDIA WOOD 2024

Taipei Building Show grand opening on Dec 07, in Nangang Exhibition Hall
  • 2023-12-07

       The "35th Taipei Building Show was held grandly on December 7, using the first and fourth floors of Hall 1 of the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Louquan District is the largest, most international and professional construction and building materials exhibition in Taiwan. The "52nd Architects' Day Celebration Conference" and the "20th Taiwan Architecture Forum" will be held simultaneously during the exhibition, which will attract architectural professionals, designers, manufacturers, suppliers, traders and the public from all over the world. Expect great things.        The exhibition is divided into nine areas based on product attributes, namely "Doors, Windows and Hardware and Building Materials Area", "Green Building Green Building Materials Area", "Smart Building Area", "Comprehensive Building Materials Area", "Furniture and Decoration Area", "Bathroom Ware" Kitchenware Area", "Lighting Area", "Floor, Wall Materials and Decorative Building Materials Area" and "Overseas Exhibition Area", in addition to domestic high-quality building materials related companies, there are also exhibitors from the United States, Spain, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, China, and Malaysia. Nine countries including China, Indonesia and South Korea participated in the exhibition, as well as many international distribution agents. Nearly 500 exhibitors used more than 2,300 booths to display the latest and highest quality building materials products and construction methods and technologies from all over the world.