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Sam Chen was elected as the chairman of the 17th Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association( TFMA), hoping that
  • 2021-01-09

       The Taiwan Furniture Manufacturers’ Association (TFMA) held a membership meeting in the Taiwan Hall of the Lin Hotel Taichung on January 8, 110. The meeting was presided over by Chairman Walter Jiang. Walter Jiang said in his speech that many events will be restricted due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia in 2020. However, the association still overcome all difficulties and successfully held a furniture exhibition in February, launched the presidential chair, invited well-known domestic designers and celebrities to complete 120 works, and invited well-known artist Huang Zijiao to participate in this charity event. Auction, this is also due to the assistance of all directors and supervisors and the support of members.     

      The meeting announced the list of elected directors and supervisors. Sam Chen was elected as the 17th chairman of the board. And he expressed his gratitude to the directors and supervisors for their support for giving him the opportunity to serve members, and at the same time he was also take the responsibility . Sam Chen emphasized that the first session of this session was held by a lady as the board of directors and supervisors, and made the main appeal of the younger generation of directors and supervisors. For the advent of IC and electronics, we must rely on young forces.

       Sam Chen said that in the future, Taiwan's furniture industry is not suitable for mass production competition and should strengthen R&D and innovation. The association also invites experienced advisory groups to assist member manufacturers in upgrading and innovating. In the future, we also hope to launch a procurement platform for Taiwanese furniture in the Asia-Pacific region. Therefore, we must be prepared for design upgrades, advanced deployment and one-step implementation.
       Finally, Sam Chen quoted the famous quote of US President Trump, hoping that "Taiwan's furniture industry will be great again" and encouraged everyone to work together.

Taiwan society of Fireproof and Green Building materials and Interior decoration(TFGI) holds a member meeting on May 31.The meeting discussed the issue of circular economy “How to solve the engineering waste.”
  • 2020-06-01

       Taiwan society of Fireproof and Green Building materials and Interior decoration(TFGI) held the meeting on May 31 in Sakura Forest. During the meeting, it passed the final accounts of 108 years and the budget and work plan of 109 years, and awarded scholarships for member representatives and their children. With the gift of souvenirs for members, and to discuss and seek solutions for the issue "How to solve engineering waste" for the circular economy?       The meeting was chaired by Chairman Louis Wang. In his speech, Louis Wang said that due to the COVID 19 situation, the cadres specially planned to choose this venue to be held in an outdoor garden, and invited members to come with their families to walk outdoors.        Louis Wang also thanked the cadres for their efforts and the participation of members and support for the conference, and reported that the promotion of the current conference was promoted by drywall system technicians, industrial construction and education cooperation: such as industrial-academic cooperation with National Erhlin Industrial and Commercial Vocational High School, and how to solve the engineering waste issue.         After the meeting, dine in the Sakura Forest Restaurant. Member representatives are invited to introduce themselves, socialize and promote communication. The meeting was successfully completed at 2 pm. By NewsWin         

  • 2019-06-28

彰化縣廚具商業同業公會於6月28日假員林皇潮鼎宴禮宴會館舉行會員大會,會議由理事長陳彥傑主持 與會貴賓有彰化縣商業會常務監事黃智暉、中華民國廚具商業同業公會全國聯合會理事長賴文炳,秘書長游秋男、台灣省廚具商業同業公會聯合會理事長陳信昌、台中市廚具商業同業公會理事長林春立、高雄市廚具商業同業公會理事長王全義、高雄第一廚具商業同業公會理事長陳冠豪、嘉義縣廚具商業同業公會理事林振宗、雲林縣廚具商業同業公會理事長林達倫、宜蘭縣廚具商業同業公會理事長林家旭。會中決議107年度工作報告,收支決算表與108年收支預算表與第六屆理事長任期延長半年等議題,會後並於皇潮鼎宴禮宴會館用餐聯誼,大會圓滿閉幕。